David Colley, from Minehead, Somerset, joined Advantage Healthcare’s Community Programmes team in 2017. As a trained nurse, he started working on a flexible agency work basis with just a few appointments each week assisting patients with IV home therapies.

Since he started David has also helped clients with dialysis as a renal technician. David is part of Advantage Healthcare’s rapid response team who visit clients around the country to help them to learn to manage their own IV or renal care. In recent weeks, David has been supporting clients in Norwich and Bangor.

The 55-year-old has had a varied healthcare career to date, including being a hospital surgical nurse, carrying out project work for a strategic health authority and as a general manager of a Community Trust.

David explained: “Many of these roles were highly pressurised, whilst the hands on work with clients providing home therapies and renal care has been enjoyable. It is great fun to build rapport with regular clients, have a fair amount of time to spend with them and in the case of IV patients to help them to become competent and confident in managing their own care.”

David travels around the country to meet new clients who he trains to administer their own medication on IV, or to support patients with the setup of their dialysis machines or provide care in doing manual exchanges for therapy on dialysis. “It’s intensive work to train someone, especially after they have returned from hospital, sometimes after several months. Often clients need reassurance, as well as clear and patient instructions.”

Visits to clients can vary from a few weeks to ongoing visits. IV home therapies will include the administration of parentarel nutrition or antibiotics via central lines, either daily or several times a week. David is also a renal technician which involves setting up renal peritoneal dialysis for clients with kidney failure. In both these cases the clients, with help from family members can learn to manage their own care. Whilst a nurse or renal technician will continue to visit clients who live on their own or have mobility limitations.

Visits may also include health checks such as blood pressure readings and especially with the IV home therapies.

David explained: “Whilst my role involves a lot of driving, something that I choose to do when there are less clients being discharged from the hospitals more local to me, I enjoy the face-to-face nature of this work. I’m employed on a flexible basis which means that I can choose when not to work, such as next weekend when I’m going to Dublin.

“The clients are great fun. I enjoy the regular contact and learning about their lives and seeing them settled in their own homes. After many years in management it’s especially rewarding to be working in the community in a role where I have the time to get to know clients and become the friendly face of care.”

Advantage Healthcare is recruiting for renal technicians and IV home therapies nurses. To apply send in your CV or look out for vacancies by following Advantage Healthcare on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Advantage Healthcare has introduced Access Care Planning, formerly known as Mobizio, a mobile enabled electronic care planning tool, to save time for the renal technicians and IV home therapy nurses who work in its community programmes.

Access Care Planning has been configured by Advantage Healthcare with support from Access Group to assist client care staff delivering homecare services across the UK.

By September 2019, 320 staff members in Advantage Healthcare’s community programmes team have been issued with Access Care Planning enabled portable tablets to assist them in their daily work visiting clients at home.

Nurses and renal technicians currently care for over 800 clients each week, either with intravenous (IV) nutrition or renal dialysis needs. They visit clients to deliver home therapies and ensure that the machines and procedures are safe and effective.

Access Care Planning is used via a tablet by care staff working away from an office. Advantage Healthcare, with support from Access Group have configured this single unified platform to connect finance and operational applications. Using Access Care Planning makes processes and data flows more efficient for front line staff in their day-to-day work.

The software saves information, in a secure mobile application which meets GDPR and information governance compliance, effectively eliminating the risks associated with paper based timesheets.

Using Access Care Planning has saved time across the organisation, both for the renal technicians, IV nurses and back office staff, as information is only completed once and seamlessly shared to other departments as appropriate. This has improved the accuracy of the information collected.

Tony Cavanagh, Advantage Healthcare community programmes director, said: “We are delighted with the benefits of this technology for our busy client care staff, who each see several clients each day.

“Having this new visibility of the visits taking place and real time information about visit completions means that if there are delays or incidents which warrant investigation, we are alerted immediately and can take action to remedy the situation with minimal disruption to the client’s day.”

Steve Sawyer, Access health and social care managing director, said: “Access Group is fortunate to work with the best care providers in the sector. Engaging with forward-thinking clients that are focussed on delivering expert care through the use of innovative, flexible technology helps to define our solutions, tackling the challenges of efficiency, compliance and quality in the health and care sector.”

It is estimated that removing paper timesheets has saved approximately 2.5 tonnes of paper, which supports the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Advantage Healthcare has been shortlisted in the Nursing Times Workforce Awards 2019 for introducing Access Care Planning, in the category for the ‘Best Use of Technology to improve the working environment’. Representatives of Advantage Healthcare and Access Group attended the awards which were held on 25 September.


  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Reduce back office costs
  3. Ensure care & visit compliance

Key achievements

  • Visit compliance
  • Reduced back office costs
  • 2.5 tonnes of paper eliminated
  • Reduced administrative tasks
  • Ensuring care needs are met

To find out more about Advantage Healthcare visit www.Advantagehealthcare.com

To find out more about The Access Group visit www.theaccessgroup.com/hsc

Advantage Healthcare has been supporting Daniel Newton with increasingly complex care support since 2014. Daniel, who lives in Bolton with his dog Gizmo, has two carers with him around-the-clock to assist him with his health challenges, the result of the genetic condition Hunters Syndrome Type 2.

Thirty two-year-old Daniel is a firm favourite among his carers and makes them laugh frequently in the course of the day. He said:

“I’m very happy in my flat, especially since Gizmo, my Yorkshire terrier came to live with me. I have plenty to do, keeping up with friends and sending them funny photos, chatting to the carers. We go out when we can, to go bowling and shopping. Other days I’ll challenge Tracey on the Wii.

“I like to entertain people with music and jokes and to be cheerful. Even on the critical care ward I would make people smile and brighten their day in a serious place.” “I’ve thought about what life would be like without my condition, maybe I wouldn’t be as kind or happy and I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people – patients, care staff, great people. It’s the life I’ve always known and I wouldn’t change it.”

Daniel has many interests, as well as staying in contact with his many friends, he enjoys designing logos and creating bespoke T-shirts using a press. Daniel is a popular visitor to Wythenshawe hospital where he is well known by the nurses after his time there. Daniel moved to a ground floor flat in November 2018 following eleven months in hospital including three months in intensive care.

Hunters Syndrome has affected Daniel’s ability to breathe independently and he has a tracheostomy fitted at the age of seven. Five years ago he only needed overnight ventilation to help him breath. However his breathing become more challenging over time and during his stay in hospital, he needed help to stabilise his breathing. Now Daniel needs constant ventilation and daily tracheostomy suctioning. He also has a complex medication regime.

Several Advantage Healthcare client care staff, including Tracey Jones and Shaista Nawaz were given bespoke training and shadowed nurse staff on the ward when they visited Daniel in preparation for his move home into the new flat. They have been part of the team who care for Daniel ever since.

Tracey said: “I love my job, we are here to keep Daniel safe and assist him in practical ways around his flat and with going out and having a full life. We have a laugh. At times I forget it’s a job, most days it’s a lot of fun and Daniel is a joy to be around.”

Shaista said: “I’ve worked with Daniel for over five years, he’s never lost his upbeat spirit and his cheeky humour. Daniel enjoys cooking and we often cook together, korma and sweet chilli chicken are favourite dishes.

“I’ve never hesitated to do extra shifts and cover colleagues for Daniel’s care. He’s just the best client to have.”

Advantage Healthcare staff work in pairs to monitor Daniel’s health and are all trained to respond if he has any difficulties. A core team of eight look after Daniel through the week and they make sure that his medication and equipment is up-to-date and in stock.

Client care manager, Hayley Connor, said: “Daniel is one of our most popular clients with our staff. He’s had a lot of challenges with his health and moving out of hospital. We’ve seen his needs change over recent years but I’ve seen his confidence and movement has improved greatly since moving into his own flat.

“One of the highlights of my job is to come and visit Daniel. As well as monitoring his care I get to join in the laughter and banter he shares with the care staff.”

Advantage Healthcare is recruiting for complex care healthcare assistants, support workers and registered nurses. View our current healthcare vacancies by clicking here, or send in your CV as the first step to registering with us, just fill in this short form here.

Photos caption: from left to right, Shaista Nawaz, Gizmo, Daniel Newton, Tracey Jones.