Advantage Healthcare has introduced Access Care Planning, formerly known as Mobizio, a mobile enabled electronic care planning tool, to save time for the renal technicians and IV home therapy nurses who work in its community programmes.

Access Care Planning has been configured by Advantage Healthcare with support from Access Group to assist client care staff delivering homecare services across the UK.

By September 2019, 320 staff members in Advantage Healthcare’s community programmes team have been issued with Access Care Planning enabled portable tablets to assist them in their daily work visiting clients at home.

Nurses and renal technicians currently care for over 800 clients each week, either with intravenous (IV) nutrition or renal dialysis needs. They visit clients to deliver home therapies and ensure that the machines and procedures are safe and effective.

Access Care Planning is used via a tablet by care staff working away from an office. Advantage Healthcare, with support from Access Group have configured this single unified platform to connect finance and operational applications. Using Access Care Planning makes processes and data flows more efficient for front line staff in their day-to-day work.

The software saves information, in a secure mobile application which meets GDPR and information governance compliance, effectively eliminating the risks associated with paper based timesheets.

Using Access Care Planning has saved time across the organisation, both for the renal technicians, IV nurses and back office staff, as information is only completed once and seamlessly shared to other departments as appropriate. This has improved the accuracy of the information collected.

Tony Cavanagh, Advantage Healthcare community programmes director, said: “We are delighted with the benefits of this technology for our busy client care staff, who each see several clients each day.

“Having this new visibility of the visits taking place and real time information about visit completions means that if there are delays or incidents which warrant investigation, we are alerted immediately and can take action to remedy the situation with minimal disruption to the client’s day.”

Steve Sawyer, Access health and social care managing director, said: “Access Group is fortunate to work with the best care providers in the sector. Engaging with forward-thinking clients that are focussed on delivering expert care through the use of innovative, flexible technology helps to define our solutions, tackling the challenges of efficiency, compliance and quality in the health and care sector.”

It is estimated that removing paper timesheets has saved approximately 2.5 tonnes of paper, which supports the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Advantage Healthcare has been shortlisted in the Nursing Times Workforce Awards 2019 for introducing Access Care Planning, in the category for the ‘Best Use of Technology to improve the working environment’. Representatives of Advantage Healthcare and Access Group attended the awards which were held on 25 September.


  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Reduce back office costs
  3. Ensure care & visit compliance

Key achievements

  • Visit compliance
  • Reduced back office costs
  • 2.5 tonnes of paper eliminated
  • Reduced administrative tasks
  • Ensuring care needs are met

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