Advantage Healthcare has been supporting Daniel Newton with increasingly complex care support since 2014. Daniel, who lives in Bolton with his dog Gizmo, has two carers with him around-the-clock to assist him with his health challenges, the result of the genetic condition Hunters Syndrome Type 2.

Thirty two-year-old Daniel is a firm favourite among his carers and makes them laugh frequently in the course of the day. He said:

“I’m very happy in my flat, especially since Gizmo, my Yorkshire terrier came to live with me. I have plenty to do, keeping up with friends and sending them funny photos, chatting to the carers. We go out when we can, to go bowling and shopping. Other days I’ll challenge Tracey on the Wii.

“I like to entertain people with music and jokes and to be cheerful. Even on the critical care ward I would make people smile and brighten their day in a serious place.” “I’ve thought about what life would be like without my condition, maybe I wouldn’t be as kind or happy and I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people – patients, care staff, great people. It’s the life I’ve always known and I wouldn’t change it.”

Daniel has many interests, as well as staying in contact with his many friends, he enjoys designing logos and creating bespoke T-shirts using a press. Daniel is a popular visitor to Wythenshawe hospital where he is well known by the nurses after his time there. Daniel moved to a ground floor flat in November 2018 following eleven months in hospital including three months in intensive care.

Hunters Syndrome has affected Daniel’s ability to breathe independently and he has a tracheostomy fitted at the age of seven. Five years ago he only needed overnight ventilation to help him breath. However his breathing become more challenging over time and during his stay in hospital, he needed help to stabilise his breathing. Now Daniel needs constant ventilation and daily tracheostomy suctioning. He also has a complex medication regime.

Several Advantage Healthcare client care staff, including Tracey Jones and Shaista Nawaz were given bespoke training and shadowed nurse staff on the ward when they visited Daniel in preparation for his move home into the new flat. They have been part of the team who care for Daniel ever since.

Tracey said: “I love my job, we are here to keep Daniel safe and assist him in practical ways around his flat and with going out and having a full life. We have a laugh. At times I forget it’s a job, most days it’s a lot of fun and Daniel is a joy to be around.”

Shaista said: “I’ve worked with Daniel for over five years, he’s never lost his upbeat spirit and his cheeky humour. Daniel enjoys cooking and we often cook together, korma and sweet chilli chicken are favourite dishes.

“I’ve never hesitated to do extra shifts and cover colleagues for Daniel’s care. He’s just the best client to have.”

Advantage Healthcare staff work in pairs to monitor Daniel’s health and are all trained to respond if he has any difficulties. A core team of eight look after Daniel through the week and they make sure that his medication and equipment is up-to-date and in stock.

Client care manager, Hayley Connor, said: “Daniel is one of our most popular clients with our staff. He’s had a lot of challenges with his health and moving out of hospital. We’ve seen his needs change over recent years but I’ve seen his confidence and movement has improved greatly since moving into his own flat.

“One of the highlights of my job is to come and visit Daniel. As well as monitoring his care I get to join in the laughter and banter he shares with the care staff.”

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Photos caption: from left to right, Shaista Nawaz, Gizmo, Daniel Newton, Tracey Jones.

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