Ten team members from Advantage Healthcare took part in an active team building day earlier this month (September 2019) at Lineham Farm near Leeds.

The day was inspired by branch nurse, Liam Sanders, who is also a qualified climbing instructor. The team spent the early part of the day working together in a crate stacking challenge which involved building towers of crates to stand on. They then took to the climbing and encouraged each other up to scale the indoor wall. Lunchtime included a visit to meet some of the goats and other animals on the farm.

During the afternoon the team settled down to review their roles, purpose and plans for the branch over the coming year. Team members discussed the importance of Advantage’s values: bring better to life, take pride in what you do, everyone has a voice and do the right thing. These guiding principles are evident in Advantage Healthcare’s approach to care.

Advantage Healthcare registered manager for the Yorkshire branch, Sue Williamson said: “As a team we reflected on our shared purpose and reason for coming into work every morning. Every day we are here to make a positive difference for the people who are our clients, no matter what health challenges they have, we work together with our carers to give them safe, effective care and see them thrive. As an organisation we invest time and training in our staff and in our carers which ultimately serves the clients.”

“We also discussed the emotional resilience we need as a team. Its’ a sector where you give your heart and soul. It’s a very rewarding professional but it’s not one where we can leave emotions at the door, and because of that we need to be aware of the team support and trust that we all share so that we can recuperate effectively.”

Advantage Healthcare is recruiting for community nurses and healthcare assistants at all levels or experience. We offer a wide variety of shifts and roles and will provide bespoke training. To apply send in your CV or look out for vacancies by following Advantage Healthcare on Facebook, Twitter.

Feature picture caption: Advantage Healthcare’s Yorkshire branch team members, from left to right, Caroline Healey, Adam Smith, Thomas Hamill, Charlotte Bonini.

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