Advantage Healthcare has published its fifth Annual Quality Report which highlights achievements and improvements made by the teams who contributed to over 2 million hours of care delivered in 2018.

The report covers Clinical Effectiveness; Assurance and Quality; Health & Safety; Clinical Governance and safeguarding clients.

Joanna Grant, Advantage Healthcare’s chief nurse, said: “Our quality report demonstrates our approach to providing the highest standards of care to our clients. We continually reflect on how we are performing and seek out better ways of working where changes is needed. Our Quality Report is available to all our clients and customers, as we are open about the outcomes of the systems we have.”

The Advantage Healthcare Quality Report 2018 provides information about our values, culture and operations. It includes details about our Clinical Governance Framework, the results of our Safety Culture Survey, KPI Dashboard and our commitment to health, safety and safeguarding.

The report features Oli Pink, who has muscular dystrophy and receives overnight care support from Advantage Healthcare staff.

Oli’s story

Oli Pink receives complex care support from Advantage Healthcare to help manage his muscular dystrophy.

The 18-year-old, from Worthing, has received overnight care managed by the company’s South Coast branch, for the past three years.

Oli’s carers stay in his room overnight to assist with his overnight feeding tubes, regular medicine and oxygen at night, as well as general requirements such as showering and getting dressed. The package is overseen by the branch nursing team and client care coordinator, Kinga Struzyna.

During the day Oli is an active young man, attending college part-time and playing on his X-box, syncing up with friends over the internet. Oli is also a keen Brighton football team fan and goes to watch most of the local games. Overnight care means that both Oli and his family can get adequate sleep.

Paul Moseley, is one of Oli’s healthcare assistants. He has been in the care industry for over 10 years. Paul said: “As a Healthcare Assistant I look forward to my work. I’m a bit nocturnal so night work suits me. “I enjoy the friendship I have with Oli; feeling included in family life and knowing that I have the back up of experienced professionals.”

“A typical night shift will run from 8pm to 8am. It will start with me spending time with Oli whilst he plays with friends on his X-box. When he’s ready I help him prepare for bed and I set up the overnight PEG feed and Oli’s ventilator to ensure that he gets enough oxygen overnight. Some nights we sit up and talk late in the night.

“In the morning I will help Oli to prepare for college or appointment or let him sleep longer if he has time for a lie-in.”

Before the package with Advantage Healthcare, apart from a few agency shifts, the family had mostly managed Oli’s medical care by themselves, leaving them tired and family life strained.

Emma, Oli’s mum, said: “Oli is really happy with his care. He gets on well with his carers. As his parents we can sleep easier knowing that he is in safe hands. The branch are very supportive and we have regular reviews.”

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