Healthcare Assistant, Cecilia Ampofu, has been chosen by Advantage Healthcare’s Peterborough team as their Carer of the Year 2018. She received her award and flowers earlier this month.

Cecilia has worked for Advantage Healthcare since 2015. During that time she has cared for many adults and children who have highly complex health needs.

Branch manager, Lisa Downs, said: “Cecilia is always willing to travel, learn new things and is happy to help with additional shifts, when needed. She is dedicated, hardworking and has shown resilience in some very difficult circumstances during her time working for the branch.”

Cecilia was unanimously nominated for the Carer of the Year Award 2018 by the branch team in Peterborough for her commitment to her clients and her positive attitude to all aspects of her role as a healthcare assistant.

Congratulations, Cecilia!

Photo caption: Cecilia Ampofu (middle) receiving her Carer of the year 2018 award from branch manager Lisa Downs and branch nurse Carl Harris.

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