Anna chose Advantage Healthcare because of high standards and its commitment to patient safety

Anna Paskell, from Colchester, has worked as an Advantage Healthcare Assistant since 2015. She originally joined after being recommended by a previous manager and has since referred a number of friends to work for the company.

The 46-year-old worked as a midwife in Russia before moving to the UK in 2004. Anna brings up her daughters, aged six and 14, whilst working on complex care packages and delivering support for renal patients which includes setting up and monitoring their dialysis machines.

In September 2018, Anna started a full time nursing degree and she plans to become a renal nurse working in the community when she graduates.

“Advantage Healthcare is a great employer for many reasons. They have high standards and are committed to patient safety. I feel well supported by my manager and the team at the local office. The work is secure and I’ve been offered hours which I find family friendly, such as the two overnight shifts I do, and the day time renal appointments. Since I’ve started my nursing degree they’ve helped me to adjust my hours so that I can fit that in too.

“I chose a career in care because I enjoy working with people and families and because meeting clients and seeing their progress is so rewarding. I currently care for a two-year- old girl who needs expert complex care, such as tracheostomy, ventilation and PEG feeding. Even though she has a degenerative condition, she is bright and alert and I love to hear her call out my name when I arrive.

“Advantage Healthcare has provided training in complex care procedures and the care work so that I can keep up my skills. I get assessed by a nurse every six months so I feel confident that I am giving safe care.

“I’ve recommended friends to work for Advantage but I only recommend those who are reliable and committed to patient safety. It’s important to me that clients receive continuity of care, otherwise they can get distressed. This is one of the reasons I’ll be working on Christmas Day.

“I’ll take a break from time with my family to make two renal appointments. But it won’t feel like a chore, since I see these clients regularly I’ll enjoy seeing them on Christmas Day. Even with dialysis it won’t stop them getting into the festive spirit.” Anna works in Essex with Advantage Healthcare’s Colchester team. All her work is overseen by the registered manager and branch nurse. Advantage Healthcare is recruiting for complex care Healthcare Assistants as well as registered nurses. For more information visit or follow Advantage Healthcare on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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