Advantage Healthcare, the UK national care agency providing residential healthcare services to adults, children and young people, has published Child to Adult Care Transition Information Guide

The guide has been written as a resource for professionals working with young people at the critical stage in their lives when the grow into adulthood.

The guide has been produced with the kind permission of the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), based on a collection of resources used by nursing working with children transitioning to adulthood.

Advantage Healthcare’s chief nurse, Andy Cook, said: “As a provider of long term homecare services we’ve been involved in supporting the transition between care services funders for a number of young people. We know that it can be a confusing and stressful time for the young people and their families and a challenge for busy professionals trying to work through a number of regulations and procedures.

“When transition goes badly it can disrupt education and work for the young person, place a financial and emotional strain on them and their family and exacerbate health conditions.

“This guide summarises some of the key issues to help assist care service professionals and hopefully improve the experience of those young people in need of ongoing care services.”

Queen’s Nursing Institute’s chief executive, Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, said: “Moving from children’s to adult’s health services requires careful planning by the staff involved in supporting people through that process.

“Good communication skills and close collaboration with service users, families and carers is of prime importance. I would encourage anyone working in this field to take advantage of these new resources, in helping them develop safe and high quality care to people they work with.”

The guide is aimed at professionals working in care provision for children who are moving from child to adult services in the community.

This is a challenging time and can often become disjointed and confusing and the Child to Adult Care Transition Information Guide outlines the processes to help young adults.

It also shows how professionals in the health and social care sectors can help to ensure that moving between child and adult services is run efficiently and for the best outputs for young people.

The guidance covers transition for young people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Additional resources: The Queen’s Nursing Institute publication ‘Transition from Children’s to Adult community services’.

Download the guide 270852-HEA-COR-Transition-Guide-v6

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