September is fast approaching, and for some this means the start of the academic year and the start of something new. Beginning a new chapter in your life can be daunting, but at the same time very exciting. There are many things you will need to organise, such as accommodation, travel and your workload and timetable. This can be a challenging time and you may require additional support.

As well as working hard during your education to gain vital experience and knowledge, it is important to enjoy yourself and grow as a person. Socialising with friends and having your own independence is sometimes the main attraction for moving away and going into further education. If you require extra support, this could be something else to consider when you are preparing for your new challenge.

Advantage Healthcare’s Academic Support Service is here for those who require a little extra support or have more complex care requirements whilst undertaking higher education.

We can provide support in most situations, covering long and short term, live-in care or daily care. Our Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers are carefully selected to ensure their skills are well suited to your personality and care requirements.

We believe that students benefit from receiving individual care and support in their higher education years. To be able to take part in social events with friends, cinema trips, and all the usual activities that students can take part in will improve your general health and physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss our academic support with somebody please call 0800 694 4555.

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