On Friday 26th June 2015, over 30 members of staff from Advantage Healthcare took part in a charity challenge at the Severn Hospice as part of the Advantage Employee Foundation.

The Advantage Employee Foundation was launched in 2012 to provide a central focus for charitable activities, the foundation plays a key role in co-ordinating Advantage charitable works regionally, nationally and internationally. Staff from Advantage Healthcare approached the hospice to inform them about the Advantage Employee foundation, and discussed with Severn Hospice representatives the “Give a day of your Time” initiative, where staff can volunteer up to two working days to a charitable cause or a local project.

Their tasks included refurbishing a 155m path which is used by patients and visitors and neatening the garden areas at the Bicton Heath site, Shrewsbury.

Staff from across the Advantage business arrived early at the hospice rearing to go fully equipped with a digger, dumper truck along with pick axes and shovels and were keen to start the days work. The staff then split into teams, “the path layers and “the gardeners”.

The “path layers” were getting stuck in by breaking up the current path armed with pick axes shovels and eventually lifted the path up with the help of a digger and dumper truck.

Meanwhile the gardening team decided to give Alan Titchmarch a run for his money by pruning and trimming the garden areas and replanting flowers in the flower boxes for patients to enjoy.

Advantage Healthcare kindly donated the materials required for the path along with a variety of flowers and trees to display around the open areas of the hospice.

Rob Kellett, Managing Director at AdvantageHealthcare said: “This was a very rewarding charitable project for Advantage Healthcare to get involved with, there was great team spirit throughout the day and everyone felt a great sense of achievement once the path was fully completed. As a healthcare provider we are committed to enhancing lives of others through organising these types of events”.

Hannah Millward, IEF Ambassador said: “It was a fantastic and rewarding day spent at Severn Hospice and was brilliant to see the before and after result. Everyone worked so hard on the path and in the gardens and numerous members of staff at the hospice expressed their gratitude and commented what a difference it would make for their patients”.

Barry Caudwell, Facilities Manager at the Severn Hospice said: “We really appreciate the fantastic help and all the hard work that the Advantage team has put in. Their efforts have made a huge difference; our patients and their families have been out in the gardens enjoying the sunshine during the last couple of weeks and it’s lovely to see people wandering along the path. The path that the Advantage team has cleared for us is a 155 metre long stretch that borders our lawn and woodland walk, so it’s really great that people can access this area again.”

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